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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Model perfect....

Every once in a while, a little munchkin walks into our studio that we know is going to be special. Little A was our latest "model" child. Not only did he follow instructions perfectly but he really seemed to engage with us and have a good time. He was a lot of fun and really, had quite the personality. It isn't often that a child as young as he is shows the ability to follow directions like he did and we think he will continue to do really well in the modeling world. Kudos!
Here's a sneak peek for A and his Mom :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beauty and the Average Woman

We've had a fun time with a few of the recent boudoir shoots we have completed for women. It is a genre we both enjoy working in because we really understand what it takes for an average woman to put herself out there and be photographed in this type of session. We are really good at making people feel comfortable as themselves and they've been very happy with the results of our efforts so far, which is very cool.

This blog post was actually inspired by Dany, my True Story Photography business partner...She posted a comment on facebook recently admiring the work of some of her favorite boudoir photographers and the women who have been photographed even if they are self-admittedly less than perfect:

"I want to say that the women that have done boudoir shoots with us have such amazing self esteems. At the end of the day, even if they think any part of them is not their favorite, they still are beautiful and comfortable enough in their skin to be photographed! To my favorite boudoir photographers for bringing out sexy.Women need you!!!!"

I think that the most important thing a photographer can have is empathy for the people they are photographing. That empathy helps create a connection that is so important--Connection is the difference between photographing a lifeless object and photographing the spark that makes up a person's essence. It isn't really definable but you sure can tell when it isn't there! You can be the greatest technical expert in the world but if you can't feel and connect, your photos won't have the same sense of life and spark. The lighting can be perfect as it drapes across the curves of a face but if the life isn't shining in those eyes, it is not going to create an emotional connection with the viewer the way a good portrait should. It is pretty tough to create that life in any way other than directly with the person...last I checked, there isn't a Photoshop plug-in designed to add life to otherwise lifeless portraits....

Both Dany and I have been photographed in various ways over the course of growing up and even as adults. I recently did Dany's boudoir shoot and I have also had portrait sessions in the recent past with various photographers. I can tell you that, regardless of how attractive you might be, FEELING attractive is actually what makes that spark shine brightly when you are being photographed. I, like Dany, am proud to be entrusted with the task of photographing a woman in a way that makes her feel beautiful and lets her inner beauty shine through. Whether you are tall, short, average, thin, need to lose a few pounds or look like a supermodel, everyone wants to feel comfortable when having their photos taken and also wants to feel their true selves and beauty shine through in their photos. One of the favorite parts of my job (and I'm reasonably sure Dany would agree) is making someone smile and feel a boost in their confidence because of how we have photographed them. I think we're very fortunate to get this opportunity all the time and we are looking forward to continually spreading the confidence around as much as possible, one click at a time.