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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Day at the Farm...

 The other day, Dany and I got to spend some time with the lovely subject of the portraits shown here. She is funny, confident, and has an inner glow about her that we really wanted to shine through in her pictures. Plus she has these amazingly glowing eyes that really stand out. And her daughter is way cool and a terrific makeup artist. And the list goes on...

The goal of the day was a boudoir shoot. She wanted to feel sexy and have a fun photo session with us. She figured she would surprise her husband with photos too. Oh and I forgot the best part: she wanted her Corvette included in her session. Could we possibly ask for a more fun set up? So Dany and I put our heads together and started designing the shoot....

First we set up what we needed in order to work at an amazing local farm. It is a private location that we worked at for the first time ever during this shoot and it was an amazing spot for what we were doing. Actually it was an amazing spot for just about anything. You will definitely be seeing more of THIS location in the future in our work! 

Next we brain stormed and came up with the ideas behind our shoot. We don't always hit on every idea and we definitely allow things to naturally evolve as we are working through our shoots but we pretty much got everything we envisioned. 

And then, once we had everything in order, we met up with Nadine on the morning of her shoot and set out for the location to begin. 

We had to work around some minor obstacles in the beginning  but we managed to get everything under control quickly thanks to Dany, who ran down to "chat" with the workers (and get them out of our backgrounds!) Yes, utility workers, we DO want you to get away from our shooting area and we don't care if you have a work order! Dany is always the person to send in for situations like these. What male wouldn't want to do whatever a cute little hippy chick asks him to?

After we resolved "Utility Worker Nightmare" we got down to business and started to get into the flow of the shoot. I have to say that this was easily in my top ten favorite shoots-Nadine rocked it, for sure. We can only sneak peek a few of these for obvious privacy reasons. Plus we don't want to ruin any surprises. But we definitely wanted her to see how fabulous she looks--thanks for a great shoot, Nadine!