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Friday, April 13, 2012

Boudoir with True Story: Finding the Most Perfect Version of You...

One of the best types of shoots we offer our female clients at True Story are our CUSTOM BOUDOIR SHOOTS. I think I speak for myself and Dany when I say we have a lot of fun working with our clients on these sessions. Not only is the creativity off the charts but we consider these session an opportunity to make a woman feel empowered and great about themselves. Creating this experience is the essence of what makes our boudoir sessions special. 

I know everyone has their version of what makes them feel beautiful and attractive and there are a ton of trappings that are often used to create what society considers sexy. And yes, sometimes those trappings are fun to work with and they can enhance the client's experience. But what we try to accomplish with our shoots is more about working with the woman herself and not just the trappings.Yes, some people love wearing black lace thongs daily and spending 40 hours a week toning their body and beautifying themselves. There truly are perfect looking people out there in the world and I have had the privilege to work with a few of them (although they would vehemently deny this designation).  Most of us "mere mortal" females, however, have a body part (or two, or three...) that we don't like the looks of. Sometimes a client will go on and on about her "thunder thighs" when they actually look like a super model's. How we see ourselves is often the most flawed thing we do. Knowing this as we do, we try to walk our clients through a little journey that focuses on what makes them the most perfect version of themselves.

Before, during and after custom boudoir sessions with True Story, we go beyond all the typical (or atypical) trappings of a "sexy photo shoot" and try to understand the women we work with, not just their outfits, makeup and hair. Honestly, some of the sexiest photographs we've taken have almost nothing whatsoever to do with what a woman is wearing and more to do with what she is thinking about or what she is feeling about herself in that moment. When she is feeling great about herself, it shows.

For us, these shoots are about tapping into each woman's feelings about themselves and creating an experience for them that is fun, confidence building, and empowering. And the best part of the whole experience: While Dany and I are being goofy, making fun jokes with our clients or picking on each other, we document for our clients the unique experience of being photographed as themselves without focusing only on all the "props". Take that,  black lace thong!

Are you ready to be empowered and have fun pictures to prove it? Get in touch with us to book your own custom boudoir session. Sessions, like people, are always different but they are always fun for our clients. You'll love it! 

What do you consider sexy? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you...