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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Creating with Courtney...Sneak Peek for the "P" Family

When Courtney P. got in touch with us to book her family portraits we couldn't have been more excited. Not only is she creative and fun, her husband, Nick, and her kids are as well. Being able to consult and create with our clients is really the fun part of our job. They choose us because they know we will approach their shoot with ideas galore and also because we will work with them on their own ideas. The whole point is to reflect the true personality of the people we are working with. The P family was particularly fun to work with because they are full of personality. Nothing staid about this shoot!

Because we have photographed them before, we knew in advance that we had to do some out of the box thinking to keep the youngest member of the P family engaged and active during the shoot. He is three and has a typical three year old attention span. No shocker there. Wandering away during pictures, hiding under the table, and turning his back to us were to be expected. We knew we had to make it work to get him included in the pictures but also to reflect who he is right now. The genius idea that Nick came up with that helped change everything? Cookies! So two cookie monsters joined us and did a great job being engaged for a creative and fun shoot with a 50's/60s style vintage flair. Fun and really quite entertaining for us. 

The style of this shoot was definitely something a little more unusual and anything but formal, just like the P family. We'll be working with Courtney on some additional designs utilizing some photos from her shoot and we can't wait to continue the creative process. For now, here is a sneak peek for the P family as we continue the processing of their photos.

Thanks for a great shoot, P Family!