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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Business As Usual (or maybe not...)

We've all seen them or had them taken: those stilted, stiff looking business portraits that feature the same style and background. Perhaps they are functional but they speak volumes about how important photographs can be to your business marketing. After all, YOU are the first step in creating your brand. Regardless of what you do for a living, having a dynamic portrait that speaks of who YOU are can make a huge difference in how you present yourself to others professionally. 

Donna Thomas, Fine Artist
Steve Bollar AKA Stand Tall Steve

At True Story, we love business portrait clients. In fact, one of our favorite sessions to shoot with clients is also one of our most popular: the Business Portrait Package from True Story Photography. This mini-session is not all that time consuming and provides our clients with a custom session and a set amount of retouched images on DVD. The images on DVD can be used for print, web or both, which provides our business clients with lots of flexibility. For more information about booking your Business Portrait Session, contact us at

An Average Woman in A Superwoman World

(Please note: True Story Photography is closed for vacation from July 3rd through July 11th but we will answer any inquiries when we return)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dancing Days Are Here Again...

We're scheduled to shoot the 8th Grade Dance for Indian Mills tonight and I have been thinking all week about the ways that we are documented in photographs as we pass through our rites of passage. Throughout so many times in our lives we document the variety of events in our lives with photographs and often there are some pretty bad photographs that fall into this category. Too many times have I looked at a weird snap shot from a graduation or viewed an equally horrid dance photo from one of my friends and wondered (to myself) how I could have made that photo better.

Those photos aren't just a piece of paper with an image on it from a past event. They are the solid manifestation of our memories of an event. You can look at a photo of you from your middle school dance and remember all kinds of things from that night just by viewing your poofy hairstyle and the horrid outfit you wore. Just got a glimpse of my business partner's 8th grade dance photo and if someone can make her look bad, well, there's little hope for the rest of the world. :)

I think my goal going into events like this evening's dance or the prom photos we photographed a month or so ago is to take the best possible photos for those kids. I would say my business partner probably feels the same. Someday I want them to look back and actually not think too badly of their photos. Yes, I know hair styles will change and certainly dress and shoe styles will change even more. And yes, we always look back and make fun of our lousy hair or the weird shoes we are wearing. There's no way around that. But at least when they look at the dance photos and prom photos we provide for them, they will be able to see themselves as younger versions, filled with hope and possibility. That is my true hope and though there are often times, throughout the process, when it seems fruitless, at the end of the editing and post-processing, my faith is often restored that we have achieved this goal.

I guess as far as goals go, mine isn't too lofty and hopefully we will nail down that goal tonight and make things happen (photographically) for another bunch of young people going through one of life's many rites of passage.  Those young people probably won't come close to appreciating our efforts for years and years but hopefully they WILL someday appreciate the results of our efforts. One can only hope...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sneak Peek for Sandi...

We had a fun portrait session with Sandi yesterday and wanted to give her a small sneak peek. 
Sandi is a wonderfully vibrant and fun person who is not only creative but also wears many hats, from radio show host, to artist to saleswoman, etc...we wanted to get that translated into her portraits while still making her feel comfortable with the process. The nicest part was her involvement in the session (great props!), which added a nice additional creative touch to what we were doing. The proofs are still in the works but here's a quick peek for her while she waits for the editing process to be completed.

We had a lot of fun with your shoot, Sandi! Hope you did too!