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Friday, March 25, 2011

Sneak Peek for Five Cool Kids...

Last Sunday we shot these cousins (basically two sets of siblings) and we had a really great time with them. Not only were the kids incredibly well-behaved but they were incredibly fun too! They wanted us to try out their posing ideas and cooperated beautifully through the entire shoot. What a pleasure to work with! Here's a little peek for their, remember that this is just a little peek...there will be more to see soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Shooting for fun...

Let me start this post by saying I absolutely love photography, whether for business or fun, and I am grateful that others are happy with the work that Dany and I produce.
Amidst all the client work and the business of photography, it is helpful to take some time out and just shoot for fun and get the creativity going. Today was just such a day. Dany got to model and makeup artist, Dani got to work with us. Dani was a huge help with fabulous makeup and the styling of the shoot (thank you!) and I shot while adjusting poses with my model/business partner, Dany (are you confused yet with all these Danys and Danis?). Overall I am very pleased with the results and decided to take a tiny bit of time out of our post-processing production schedule to play a little.
I absolutely love the process of photo editing after a shoot so I had fun creating one tiny little sneak peek from the shoot. This photo is shown as three different versions--all versions utilize multiple textures to give a vintage feel. I can't decide which of the three I like best. Feel free to give your opinion!


black and white