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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mr. Mellow...

We had the privilege of photographing a very mellow high school senior recently. Both Dany and I agreed that not only was he very laid back, but he was really flexible too. He was game to try out quite a few locations with us and never seemed annoyed or complained in any way. Even when we were acting goofy about some of the posing we tried out, he just laughed it off (and laughed at us too, which honestly we deserved!) 
I have met few teenagers who didn't cop an attitude about something. Kudos! Great job and hope you like the sneak peek from your session.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Freezing Time and Looking Back

Today, a friend of mine posted something on her blog that I felt I had to share. She isn't only my friend; she is also a good client of True Story Photography. We have been hired by Sandi for assorted portrait work in the past but the most important shooting we have done for her was early this year when she hired True Story to photograph her daughter's wedding. She has been so busy that she just got around to viewing the proofs today and she took the time to write up a blog post on her own blog that I thought was worth sharing on ours. 
The next time you have an important occasion, or just want to freeze a moment in time in your life, the lives of your children or your loved ones, think about this post. 

Thank you, Sandi, for understanding and describing perfectly WHY we do what we do as photographers. 
I couldn't have said it better myself...

Taken from An Average Woman in a Superwoman World

Mom Moments in Pictures

Sometimes I do things that remind me how cool it is to be Mom!

Today, I actually sat down and went through the proofs of my daughter’s wedding.. Things have been so crazy, so scattered, that I really didn’t have a chance to do so before now. And I am SO glad I did!
For a little over an hour, I was transported back to that magical day. The happy faces. The beautiful room and wonderful food and music. All our friends and loved ones together. Everyone looks so incredible – like a movie! The pictures of the ceremony brought back all the love and pride and joy I felt at that moment. Seeing my husband again in his tuxedo was so, well, Exciting… He is such a dish! My daughter looked so unbelievably goregous – like a Limoges piece in her beautiful dress. Seeing the tears on her husband’s face as she walked down the aisle made me tear up all over again.

Times like this, when you can look back and see everything so clearly, make you believe in the continuity of family and friends, of the simple joys of loving and being loved. It sounds kind of corny, but I don’t care. I watched these kids grow up, and now they are married and starting a life of their own. It was, for me, the perfect antidote to the gloom and sadness of the past month. Something I didn’t even realize I needed until this very moment.

I can’t imagine how I am going to be able to limit my selections to fit my contract… I keep seeing pictures that would be incredible on my “Black and White Photo” wall in the house. I keep seeing pictures I want to order as Christmas gifts for other people. I can’t post them here, because I didn’t select them yet, and I always play fair… One day, I will, and everyone will see how magical it really was!

 I don’t think I will skimp on this. This was one of the most wonderful days of my life…



Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oh Baby!

We got to photograph the adorable new addition to the B family recently. 

When I spoke to her on the phone, I knew this new mother would be lots of fun to work with. She is a relaxed person who has a lot of positive and creative energy. And her newborn son reflects the same. He was seriously mellow and barely fussed the entire time we were shooting.  He actually seemed to like the camera and frequently looked over at it. This, of course, made our efforts to engage him a lot easier. In fact, it did not take much effort to get him to look at the camera at all, which certainly doesn't happen often when we are photographing newborns. 

The new mom and dad were great. They seemed really comfortable and relaxed which always makes things a lot more fun. We even got to meet some grandmothers during the shoot.  Pictures showcasing multiple generations are always special and are a great thing for families to have for years to come. 

The B household was the perfect place to photograph Baby M. The decor was warm and colorful with creative touches throughout the space. It is so much more exciting for us to photograph a new family member in his actual environment. He was happy which kept everyone calm and allowed them to enjoy the True Story experience. 

Thank you, B family and congratulations!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vintage Charm...

It was a photographer's dream, or at least it was a dream for the two True Story photographers that showed up to a shoot at the P house (those photographers would be me and Dany, by the way!). Our job was to capture the beauty of two charming little girls. What we didn't know was that the house in which we would be shooting would turn out to be the perfect setting for those little princesses. In fact, our client had given us a heads up that she had some props for us. But we had no idea what to expect and were more than pleasantly surprised--we were thrilled!

Let me explain. The girls' mom is a lover of vintage and charming accessories and decor. She is really talented and creates everything from bed coverings, pillows and curtains to hair accessories and clothing for the girls (and everything in between). What makes her rooms special is that she is able to put vintage and antique accessories together along with artistic ones in a way that creates a truly unique look. It really was a special setting and this was really her home. The results of her efforts were completely charming and added lots of pizzazz to our shoot. Once the girls were interacting in their natural environment, the colors and accessories just worked to accentuate them. 

As most adults know, toddlers can sometimes be a little "antsy". Though the toddler in this shoot was no exception, we got to see her fun personality and capture it without too much difficulty. When it comes to little munchkins, we are prepared for any and all eventualities including standing in a 5 foot by 5 foot playhouse to shoot. Yes, sometimes that is necessary. She actually did fine was great overall during the shoot. 

Her big sister was a pleasure to work with and was a complete trooper with her baby sister. In fact, she is a natural and could easily be a professional model. She showed confidence, poise and an inner calm in front of the camera which is not something you see every day in a girl her age. 

Overall, the girls did a great job...and got to have a little tea party in the process!