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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Special Wedding Day...Sneak Peek for Samantha and Matthew

Dany and I spent some time in Mount Holly recently for the wedding of Samantha and Matthew.  

Of course, every wedding day is special. For this couple, their day was marked by the fact that the groom was scheduled to ship out within a few days of his wedding day. That fact didn't stop the love that filled the County Clerk's office the afternoon of their wedding. 

The original plan was to head over to Smithville Mansion after the ceremony to do a portrait session with the newly married couple and their family. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans for us. We exited the courthouse to loud thunder, some lightning flashes and some drizzle and, for the sake of everyone's safety, we made a snap decision to shoot the portraits right where we were. It ended up being a good decision because had we headed over to the other location, odds are good it would have down poured on all of us and prevented a lot of
the portraits from happening. The light was perfect where we were and everyone was gathered there that we needed for portraits. The other bonus:  many brick surfaces which made a pleasing backdrop to the bride and groom's attire and skin tone. Success!

Regardless of the weather, there was definitely sunshine in the eyes of these two newlyweds. Can you see it?

Congratulations, Samantha and Matthew...we were honored to be a small part of your special day and we wish you many years of love and happiness!