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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Super Kid in a Superhero Family..

We had the pleasure of working with the A family recently. They wanted to get some holiday-themed photos so we worked with them to create their vision of the holidays for their cards. Their home is beautifully decorated so it wasn't hard to find plenty of spaces for us to work with them in. 

But then...we spotted the superhero room...

The superhero room is actually an office in their house but because this is a family who collects all things superhero, well, this was one cool room. We decided we needed to capture little J in his parents office, complete guessed it...superheros! 

Not only was J one of the calmest children his age that we've worked with, he was absolutely awesome with us throughout the entire session. And though the A's were worried about their dog Morgan not taking to us, we managed to get some cute pictures featuring our new canine friend too. 

Even J's grandfather got to get some pictures taken with his grandson--they were adorable together and you can just feel the love when they are around each other. 

It was a real pleasure working with the A family, Morgan and especially "superkid"...

This tiny little sneak peek is especially for them...