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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sneak Peek for Carolyn and Doug...

This past Saturday, Dany and I worked with J and A and their Mom and Dad. We have worked with J and A in the past and it is no secret that they have a lot of energy. It was fortunate that Dany and I were alert when they arrived because if we hadn't been on our toes, they would have definitely made sure we were in a very short amount of time.


Having worked with these two fun kids before, we were ready for the laughing, fun and goofiness that they love to display. Add in the brother-sister dynamic and you have an instant fun shoot. There was lots of laughing, lots of joking and plenty of energy displayed. 

It is always so nice to work with our repeat clients because the kids know what to expect and the parents are usually very relaxed because there are no surprises for them. It's so nice to have that vote of confidence and we appreciate watching the kids grown up.

Enjoy your sneak peek, Carolyn and Doug!