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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pigeons, Chickens and Snakes-Definitely Not Our Average Shoot

True Story had the opportunity recently to meet up with April and Walt at their home for a shoot outdoors. Their property is a large lot dedicated mostly to nature and animals which made for an interesting visit. Walt raises pigeons as one of his many hobbies and April owns Aprils Ark, a pet sitting service. To see more about what April does, visit 

On this particular day, it was at least 1000 degrees out. Okay, I am exaggerating a little but it certainly was a very warm day. I always feel bad for clients who happen to get the luck of the draw and are scheduled for a hot and humid day. It is hard enough to stay fresh and hydrated when you are shooting. But we don't have to be in any of the pictures! It makes it a lot harder when you want to look your best and Mother Nature has other plans. 

April and Walt were both troopers. I cannot stress enough that it was muggy and hot and they not only were positive and upbeat for their entire shoot, they did not look hot at all. Impressive! 

We got to learn a little bit about how raising pigeons works, got to visit a little with Bella (the dog) and Uno (the cat), shot with a dove and chickens, and even got to see a snake who randomly decided to join us during the shoot. I steered way clear of the snake. I can be such a city person sometimes!

The grounds were impressive with lots of photo opportunities everywhere we turned. And Walt and April were awesome to work with. We hope they enjoyed their session with True Story Photography!