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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Big Happy Family....

There is nothing more fun than working almost right in our backyard to create fun photos for a very cool family. We recently got to do just that for the A family who live around the corner from our studio. They live in a beautiful old home that has been fully restored complete with the most perfect wrap around porch ever. Once we got a glimpse of the inside of the home, we knew it would make a great backdrop for their portraits too. 

The view from their front porch was also something we wanted to incorporate into their shoot. You can see a replica of the original Union Fire Company building  that was on the site of the Friends Meeting House from their front door. We made sure to include that wonderful, rustic old building as the set for part of their shoot. 

A little bit about the replica building shown in the pictures:
It is located on the grounds of the Friends Meeting House.The first meeting house was built in 1762 in Upper Evesham (now known as Medford). Union Fire Company was constructed on the site in 1821 by Barzilla Braddock and Shinn Oliphant. A 1969 replica built by the Medford Historical Society is actually on the site today.

When we are photographing our Medford clients we love to include little pieces of the town in which they live in their photo shoots. Since True Story has been working in Medford Village for the past four years, we have often incorporated bits of Medford Village in many of our shoots for our clients. 
Sometimes the oddest locations can make wonderful backdrops for a portrait session. 

A great big thank you to the A family for being such good sports, for being flexible about where we shot and for really making it work for the youngest member of their family. Great job!

Come see us at 10 South Main Street in Medford for more information about how to work with us on your family's next portrait session!